Scholarship recipients speak!

Past Recipients tell how the Grandma Fussie Scholarships helped them…

Our first letter comes from Jeanine and her son, Anthony:

YuleFeast has been the highlight of the year for my son and I since our first year in 2001.  We look forward to connecting with our “extended families” in worship, the break from the mundane and the loving warmth and learning that we receive.  It is a wonderfully uplifting event for us. 
There was a year that finances absolutely would not allow for us to be able to attend.  My son was heartbroken (he talks of little else all year).  Without the generous scholarship from the Gramma Fussie Fund, we would have missed a very big part of our spiritual fellowship and the beautiful energy that surrounds this group of amazing individuals.  It is always a priceless experience and we were immensely grateful for being given this gift.

Thank you Gramma,
Jeannine & Anthony

Our second story comes from the K-R Family:

I never had the chance to really get to know Grandma Fussy as much as most. What I do remember is that she was a very kind-hearted woman who was very nice to my daughter the time we came to visit with another member of the NW Yule Feast. She made sure not only that I was comfortable, but my then 2 or three year old daughter was having the time of her life visiting. Most people would generally just let the parents entertain their children. Not Grandma Fussy. She was sincere. Made me hopeful for humanity. The fact that she cared enough to help ensure that families could attend such an important event made my heart sing. My family was one of those families that would have missed Yule Feast had it not been for the fund. I can not thank her personally, but I can and will donate to her loving fund once I have the means to do so.
Thank you so much NW Yule Feast for carrying on her loving tradition.
The K-R family