Grandma Fussie Memorial Scholarship Fund
or Grandma, tell me a story…

The Summer of 2008 marked the death of a beloved PNW Pagan community icon, Barbara ‘Grandma Fussie’ Fusselmann. Grandma was everyone’s grandma and contributed to the pagan festivals all over the Pacific Northwest. Always helping with rituals (writing and performing), costumes(including sewing at festivals, prior to the ritual starting), and general assistance.

Grandma was one of Yule Feast’s biggest advocate’s and would make sure people who were in financial hardship were able to go to the festival. Upon her death, the NW Yule feast Board of Directors unanimously voted to create a scholarship fund in her name.  Other regional festivals that she went to are considering creating the same.

One dollar from each registration will be put into this fund and 1 scholarship will be provided this year, with plans to be able to provide a minimum 2-3 additional scholarships per year in the future. Additional funding will come from donations and from surpluses generated from the paypal surcharge.

By providing these scholarships, we honour Grandma Fussie’s memory. Remember, to quote Grandma…”it ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

At Grandma’s Memorial service held at the ATC headquarters in Index, Wa, the following eulogy was given by Blacksun.

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