About – a little history of Yule Feast

Yule Feast was begun in 1978 by Blacksun and Shadowhawk as a thinly veiled Pagan event held within the auspices of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  The event was immediately copied and is to this day part of many SCA group’s traditions.  However, the production that you will be attending is not sponsored by or connected to the SCA except by the coincidence of it too being started by Shadowhawk and Blacksun (in 1989).  They were, and still are, HPS and HP of StarWyrm Coven, which through 2006 coordinated production of this event.

The current production of Yule Feast is run by the NW Yule Feast NPO and more specific information can be found in the Board of Directors section of the website.

Both incarnations of Yule Feast (the SCA version and this open Pagan event) began at Millersylvania ELC, which can comfortably hold upwards of 100 people.  This event attracts people from many Pagan traditions, both big and small.  Our Saturday night feast is famous for being the best Pagan feed anywhere.  Although the rituals are different each year, they are always designed to bring the light back into our lives… and there will always be the common message of HOPE, JOY, and GOOD WILL.