The Rituals

Our rituals are different each year, varying in which tradition we recognize. They all revolve around the return of the Sun, and the longest night. We light the New Years Yule log with the remains of the prior years, as we stand vigil to summon the light back.

About Our Rituals

There will be several scheduled rituals at Yule Feast 2012. All of them are suitable for children with parents in attendance. It is strongly recommended that you attend all of them. They have been crafted to take advantage of the beautiful camp area and the atmosphere generated by the good people that attend this event. Though there are similarities to past rituals, each event director writes new versions for the next year’s event. Those who have spent their considerable time and energy in producing Yule Feast 2012 are proud to invite you to be a part of these rites. They are the heart of Yule Feast, designed to give a spiritual message that will last the entire year.

Of course, the opening and closing rituals are an important part of the whole event. Plan to arrive early enough to participate in all of the rites (BEFORE 8 p.m. Friday). It is so much better if you are part of the entire sequence of rituals and events… and a lot more fun!

There is one last ritual which has become an unofficial one for many Yule Feast attendants. It has come to be known as the Decent On Denny’s. For those traveling north on I-5 after the event is over, the Fife Denny’s is where we congregate to ground after the event. You can reach it by taking the Fife exit, go left (north) over the overpass and left at the light. The restaurant’s sign is visible from the freeway and you shouldn’t have any problem finding it. Most of the staff will “fall in” after closing the park and we would love to see you all one last time. It has always been a wonderful way to unwind and slowly return to the “mundane” world.

Yule Feast is really one long ritual, though we call them separate ones. We hope it will lead you to the hope and spiritual light that is the message of the season.