2012 Festival a Success

nwyfAs the fire faded away this last Sunday, we closed the festival for 2012 with the knowledge that the 2013
festival will happen on December 13-15.
While the festival was very small, fellowship and the desire for the return of the light was very evident in the eyes of all attendees.
On Saturday we had three well attended classes. Including a reading by Yulefeast Co-founder, Blacksun from his new book “The Scrolls of Hannut”
After the feast, the Grandma Fussie Scholarship Raffle raised $128 for the fund. We will be able to provide 2 Adult scholarships for the 2013 festival due to the generosity of our community.


Saturday Only Day Passes Available at the Door

nwyfWe will be accepting Day sales for Saturday only at the door. $40 for Adults, $25 for Youths and $10 for Children. Cash only. Please arrive before 11am when the opening ritual starts.

Price includes both lunch and the feast.

For questions, please email registration@nwyulefeast.org Since staff is leaving for the site shortly, responses maybe a little slow, but will be given today.

Registration is now closed

We have closed all online registration for this years festival. If you still wish to attend, please email registration (at) nwyulefeast (dot) org and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Additionally, Air Point Pete Tyrsson will be at the TERRA meeting on Sunday the 9th from 2-4pm at the 6th ave Denny’s in Tacoma and will accept up to 10 more registrations in person for a last chance registration.

Costs for last minute Registrations will be:
$85 for adults (17+)
$65 for Youth (6-16)
$30 for Children (0-5)

Registration ending soon, the time to register is now

We remind you that registration for this year’s festival being held December
14-16 at Millersyvania ELC, closes at Midnight, November 30th. if you are
planning on attending, please send your payment in either via paypal, or by
mailing a money order to our mailing address.

The prices for this years festival are as follows:
Adult (ages 17+) $75.00
Youth (ages 6-16) $50.00
Child (ages 0-5) $10.00

Please note that if you pay via paypal, a service charge applies.

We hope that you join us for the return of the light.

Sincerely, the NW Yulefeast Staff